Targeting and Data

In targeted advertising, the marketing message is aimed at a specific (target) group of customers. This group can be defined based on various characteristic features such as gender, age, lifestyle, and also, for example, on user’s behaviour on the client’s website.

In RTB, we can measure all this information and use it meaningfully.

Smart use of campaign data

Campaign data is an essential part of the RTB ecosystem and helps to work with all the potential customers who have been exposed to the campaign. In RTB, we can use this data for further targeting.


We can measure whether someone has been exposed to the ad (and how many times) and work with that. We can identify the user to whom we showed the ad, and gradually communicate the key message through storytelling.



Creating various remarketing strategies is no problem in RTB. We can target those who are just getting acquainted with the product through one type of creative, and those who are already in the purchasing process with different types.


We look at your customers’ profiles and target those with similar ones.

Tree of interests

Targeting with Seznam’s data

RTB targeted advertising uses all of the available data sources that Seznam has at its disposal. Based on this, we can create tailored targeting that combines all available sources (search, activity on thematically focused services, or behavioural targeting).

Do you want to know more about targeted advertising?

Documents were created below for the most sought-after audiences for targeted advertising in the areas of B2B, automotive, housing, lifestyle, and finance, with the aim of answering the most common questions that advertisers have when looking for targeted advertising.