How to target in the B2B sphere

The target group is mostly men aged 40 and above. They show an interest in current information on financial events, which we estimate based on their reading the daily press or watching the news.

There is a significant overlap of interest in foreign property topics in this segment, which could indicate potential investment or longer-term residence abroad that requires renting a property. This group is most likely to own a car, which they take very good care of.

We can reach up to 2 million users with targeted advertising.

The audiences in the DMP that make up the area:

  • Email Profi: cookies of users registered in our Client Zone
  • Business: behavioural segment made up of long-term interest in business
  • Entrepreneurs business vertical: frequent visitors of partner websites thematically focused on business
  • Small business: frequent visitors of websites for start-ups such as grants or legislation
  • Profiles of cookies of users registered in the service
  • Business programmes: cookies that regularly watch programmes on Seznam TV focused on entrepreneurship and business
  • News: 64 %
  • Economic and financial news: 62%
  • Men: 50%
  • Foreign real estate: 46%
  • Tabloids: 40%
  • Magazines: 40%
  • Motorsports: 35%
  • Medical care: 33%
  • Investment products
  • Auto-moto products
  • Dietary supplement and medical care products
  • Higher-priced holiday products
  • Products requiring a certain level of intellect

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