What is RTB?

RTB stands for Real-Time Bidding, which is an automated way of buying online advertising through auctions in real-time and with the ability to target specific audiences. Advanced targeting makes it possible to show ads to only the people who are truly interested. For example, dog owners can be shown an offer for pet food and sports enthusiasts can be shown ads for running shoes.

Why use RTB?

You are in control

With RTB, you have detailed statistics at your fingertips. You can start or pause your advertising campaign at any time and optimize it to meet your goals.

Campaign across devices

Thanks to cross-device technology, you can reach a specific user across all the devices they use. Moreover, by limiting the number of ad impressions per user, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaign..

Advanced targeting

Make efficient use of targeting and show ads only to relevant users. We can work with existing customers as well. With Look-a-Like technology, we can find those who are similar to your customers and most likely to make a purchase.

Optimal frequency

Don’t waste money on people who don’t respond to your ads. With RTB, you can easily set how many times an ad should be displayed to a user.

Stories sell

You can use multiple creative combinations, such as introducing a new product to customers through an opening video. Those who are interested in the video can learn more about the product, and then a simple banner can be used to prompt them to take action.


Has a customer added items to their cart but not yet completed the purchase? You can reach out to them again with a special offer until they complete their order.