Why RTB on Seznam?

Over 90% of the Czech internet population visits Seznam’s websites weekly, including your existing and potential customers. Join us in developing one of the fastest-growing sectors of online marketing.

New formats

We are constantly expanding the options for purchasing new formats. In RTB, we can display branding, video, native advertising, dynamic banners, or mobile rich media.

Safe place for your advertising

We value the quality content of the websites where we display advertising. The selection of websites for the external network is governed by an ethical code.

Expanding space

The number of impressions we offer in auctions is constantly augmenting. In RTB, you can be displayed not only on the Seznam.cz homepage and our other websites but also on hundreds of external partner websites..

High-standard of service

In Seznam we handle your campaigns comprehensively across all advertising channels. Our RTB team will prepare a detailed custom data proposal, suggest suitable formats, and advise you throughout the campaign.

You will be seen

We value the high visibility of our formats. We do not overload our websites with advertising, and we can offer a special deal with visibility of 80% or more.

We have our own data

Thanks to Search and other Seznam services, we have plenty of data that can be used for advanced targeting.

How we can help you

Our RTB consultants are happy to help you with problems in the following areas. Please note, however, that Seznam’s programmatic consultants do not handle campaign optimization and setup.


If you do not choose any of our pre-prepared targeting options, we will be happy to create custom targeting for you. Just provide us with information about the client, campaign, campaign goals, target audience, and we will take care of the proposal.

Private deals

Anything related to private deals that you may have in mind.


Are your campaigns not working even though everything is set up correctly? If you use private deals (or deals in open auction), let us know the deal ID and we will check if everything is okay and advise you on what to do next.

Training and education

We organize various training sessions, webinars, and educational events for clients and agencies.

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