Who are the lifestyle lovers?

The group interested in lifestyle and fashion consists of men and women in roughly equal proportions. They are characterised by taking care of their appearance and health, as evidenced by shopping for quality food. They are also interested in cooking and healthy eating. They are more likely to visit doctors, especially for cosmetic services such as dental hygiene or plastic surgery.

Among other things, this group of people has a strong tendency towards cultural life. We can therefore observe a relationship between fashion and the opportunity to show off their fashion pieces in public. At the same time, users keep up to date with current events in the world, especially in the field of print. They buy lifestyle magazines and follow what is happening around them (especially from tabloids). In addition, they like to travel, as evidenced by data from sharing economy services – Booking, Airbnb.

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The audiences in the DMP that make up the area:

  • Analysing the behaviour of users interested in fashion
  • Interest in buying fashion accessories: split into men’s, women’s, and children’s
  • Lifestyle vertical: long-term and frequent interest in fashion websites
  • Fashion programmes: audience consuming video content of fashion programmes on Seznam TV
  • Tabloids: 53%
  • Foreign real estate: 50%
  • Magazines: 46%
  • Cooking and recipes: 44%
  • Medical care: 40%
  • Dating: 37%
  • Food: 35%
  • Films: 33%
  • Fashion retailer
  • Jewellery sellers
  • Seller of premium prepaid services
  • Seller of healthy food – organic products
  • Trend products
  • Cultural events

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