Dual concept of interests in finance

Based on the data, we can look at this group of people from two angles. One segment consists of people who are just starting out in business or family life. We can recognize them by the fact that they apply for a mortgage or loan, like to cook in bulk, buy groceries, and acquire family cars potentially through leasing.

On the other hand, we are seeing people who are borrowing money outside of the regular banks. Many of them are sports fans (most often hockey, football, car-moto), but also gamblers who borrow money not only for their “hobby”, but also for their living.

Both groups of people are interesting for targeted advertisement. Either you target a creditworthy person, or you catch a user who is short of money, takes short-term loans between paydays and tends to gamble.

We can reach up to 3 million users with targeted advertising.

The audiences in the DMP that make up the area:

  • Subsidies and grants: the interest segment of applicants for business grants.
  • Economic and financial consultancy: users from both financial worlds – planning a business but also looking for a debt relief process
  • Mortgages: planning to take out a mortgage loan, potential to buy a property
  • Economic and financial news: long-time followers of shows dedicated to education in business and finance
  • Loans: loan applicants
  • Non-bank loans: applicants for non-bank loans (non-creditworthy)
  • Consumer loans: applicants for consumer loans
  • News: 70%
  • Bookmakers: 35%
  • Cooking and recipes: 32%
  • Family cars: 30%
  • Hockey: 30%
  • Football: 30%
  • Films: 27%
  • Food: 25%
  • Banking and non-banking sectors
  • Creditworthy and non-creditworthy goods
  • Betting and gambling
  • Food and alcohol
  • Insurance
  • Expensive goods, but for which they borrow money

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