Seznam Brand Lift Case Studies

How to measure the results of your brand campaigns? See what the Seznam Brand Lift tool can do.

How to build and measure a brand well using RTB and Seznam Brand Lift?

In today’s online world, where we are constantly faced with so many ads, it’s important to remind users and measure brand awareness regularly, even with well-defined targeting. It was the combination of the follow-up strategy and measurement of awareness through Seznam Brand Lift that helped the client to succeed with his campaign.

How do you support a TV campaign in an online environment? Focus on frequency

Brand campaigns are undoubtedly a vital part of marketing, especially in a highly competitive environment, so we should never forget the importance of building brand awareness. But can a bumper, i.e., an unskippable 6-second video ad, be a suitable means to extend the reach of a TV campaign? And does it make sense to use this format as a tool to build awareness of a new product?

Do you evaluate your brand campaigns? Then you’ll enjoy using Seznam Brand Lift!

How do you know if your brand has become recognised by your customers? With Seznam Brand Lift, you can evaluate your campaign goals and the extent to which your brand awareness has increased. See how this tool helped Hyundai Motors with their Going to the Euro! campaign.