RTB Case Studies

How to measure the results of your brand campaigns? See what the Seznam Brand Lift tool can do.

Reach users with Safari and Firefox. How to do it?

It’s rather easy to reach customers who use the Google browser with advertising. But targeting users with Safari or Firefox browsers is quite a challenge. We love a challenge, so we got right down to business with our client Deichmann.

How to optimize CTR without cookies?

A campaign for Volvo was created as part of the RTB challenge “Show what you can do without cookies!” The objective was to reach the relevant audience and lead them to the client’s website. And all this in a cookieless way of course. See what solution the RTB representatives of the Xaxis team produced.

How to increase website traffic with a well-targeted personalized message?

Mazda achieved high-quality results from personalized banner content with targeting from Seznam thanks to the cooperation of the GroupM and Sauto.cz teams. The latter provided its cookie data with the types of searched vehicles. A number of creatives were then created based on these. How many creatives were needed for the targeting to work properly? Not only that, but also other interesting facts can be found in this case study.

RTB as a storytelling tool

This campaign for our client, Palírna U Zeleného stromu, became an example of how to combine direct buy and Seznam Native with RTB to meet the client’s goals. During the campaign we used RTB, which can play a key role in follow-up communication (storytelling) and in working with the frequency of the reach, to capture the audience only previously reached by traditional direct buy and Seznam Native.